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Trend Alert: Being Neon

Designed Your House in a unique way with Outdoor Fabric

Murano Inc Blog

For generations mothers had often chided the children for playing on the sofa or scattering crumbs of cookies on the cushions. Pet owners had often been mean to the felines wanting to curl into a comfortable position on the sofa or to the canines leaving paw marks on the rug. Callous guests could have possibly knocked over a cup and stained the upholstery or much to the dismay of mothers, children when too weary of washing their hands, have simply wiped their dirty hands on the drapes. Considering all of the spite that outdoor fabric are often subjected, our readers might nod their heads to the fact that washing outdoor fabric is a dreary task and children, pets had often suffered reprimands just so as to save oneself from the dreariness of washing them.

Cleaning the cushion covers, table mats, or upholstery in general can be tedious but can…

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The Psychology of Home Decor

A Special Place Interiors

Take a look at your bedroom. Is it scattered with laundry? Adorned with photos? Are you only leaving a sliver of space in the closet for your partner’s clothes? These seemingly mundane domestic scenarios may reveal a surprising amount of information about a couple’s relationship, according to a forthcoming study led by Lindsay Graham, a psychology graduate student in the College of Liberal Arts.

In collaboration with Sam Gosling, professor of psychology and author of “Snoop: What Your Stuff Says About You,” Graham and her team of student researchers will leave no knickknack unturned as they search for signs of a happy home — or possibly trouble in paradise.

Written By Jessica Sinn, College of Liberal Arts

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Chairigami: The Cardboard Furniture of the Future


Speaking of ideas that are out of the box: one startup is using cardboard to make eco-friendly furniture.

Chairigami manufactures tables, arm chairs, couches, shelves, standing desks, even iPhone cases out of recyclable material called Triple Wall, a three-ply corrugated cardboard. The material is like plywood in terms of its sturdiness, but is flexible enough that it can bend without breaking, providing maximum comfort. The pieces — which range from $80 to $180 on the Chairigami website — ship flat and require minimal assembly, but no glue.

Zachary Rotholz, 24, started the New Haven company in 2011 after graduating from Yale University with a Mechanical Engineering degree. “People these days just purchase stuff and throw it out when they’re done with it, so I wanted to get people thinking about what the material is made out of,” he says.

Unlike most furniture designers, Rotholz doesn’t mind if customers use his pieces merely as…

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Sugar Land Real Estate Rates Infographic

Mortgage rates have increased! Now that we have said that again, let’s take a look at the numbers and see what exactly that means for Sugar Land real estate prices:


Big number huh? We thought so too. It seems as those with a 4.5% mortgage rate you could be looking around an additional $400 per month. The interesting part about this is that most people, ourselves included, would think that this would ultimately scare away any potential buyer. We believed that with a high mortgage rate, sellers would be the ones trying to beg for their home to be sold. We have never been so wrong.

Even with mortgage rates rising, it is still a sellers market out there. The inventory for Houston Real Estate is slowly increasing, but the amount of buyers looking to purchase either a new or pre-existing home is greatly larger than the number of sellers willing to move. Whether upgrading or down-sizing, one thing still remains the same, buyers are still ok with this current mortgage rate.

After months of watching the mortgage rates climb to unprecedented heights, it seems to have steadied off at this current pace. In the Sugar Land area, we are still experiencing an influx of buyers looking for their dream home, but limited inventory to show them. As with any economic supply and demand, the supply is low and the demand is high. This has created a largely dominated sellers market with multiple offers and bidding wars occurring almost instantly.

The moral of our story is two fold; either buy now before you get priced out of the competition for your perfect home, or sell your home and watch the offers come in.

At KW Southwest, we love helping our agents achieve their highest goals they have set out. With dedicated staff, admin and marketing associates, we are here to set you up for the most success possible. Contact us today and we can help make your real estate dream come true!

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Why Some Homes Sell Fast While Others Wither On The Market

Ask any real estate agent in the Sugar Land, Texas area and they will all say the same thing. The number one goal when taking on a listing is to Get The Listing Sold Fast! Working with the right Sugar Land real estate agent can make or break the transaction. This is where Keller Williams Southwest comes in. Here are a few items that can help with the process.

7 Day A Week Access

The seller should willingly be able to allow access to the home, condo, or apartment for any potential purchasers if they are realistically looking to sell fast. The more that the seller is unable to allow this to occur, the more likely the property will stay on the market even longer, potentially leading to less sales and even less value. Although Sugar Land’s current market calls for fast sales and high turnaround, it would be wise to still stick with the tried and true method of traditional selling.


People make their first impressions based solely on the look and feel of the Sugar Land home for sale. The better it looks, the better you look. Wax the floors, paint the walls, get rid of the old debris in any room and show the property. Whether looking to lease or sell, it doesn’t matter, presentation is key to the success of the transaction. The more presentable the home is, the more likely it is to sell fast.


Now has never been a better time to sell as the market is recovering, inventory is low and the prices are rising daily. We have heard this enough times to understand that yes, now is a great time to sell. The only issue is whether or not the buyer has available funds to purchase. This is where financing comes in. A good mortgage on the property can make or break any Sugar Land real estate sale. Make sure that the buyer is serious when looking to purchase your property and allow them ample time to get the finances in order. This is tedious, we know, but a necessity when making the sale.


The price is always right. Even Bob Barker and Drew Carey could tell you that selling Sugar Land real estate is all dependent on the price. Now in this current sellers market, negotiating may not be necessary and the listing price may actually end up being too low. That’s not a bad issue to have after all. The old marketing saying goes “put the price just below where the consumer won’t pay for it”. This will increase your profits and bring a happy seller, buyer and lender.

Sugar Land is in the mix of a good problem for sellers. Prices have gone up and inventory is low. If those economics classes ever taught you anything it is that when Demand is high and Supply is low, people will be willing to pay whatever they need to. Think of it this way, Jackie Robinson signed Baseball card. Those are worth a great deal of money as they are far and wide to find and unobtainable anymore with his unfortunate death back in 1972. These are now collectors items.

The housing market has become just that. A huge collectors item as long as buyers increase and listings are scarce. Now is the ideal time to sell! Find one of our talented agents at Keller Williams Southwest and you won’t be upset with the service, quality and overall success of your transaction.

DIY: Air chandelier

her things


Sometimes one needs a good and simple idea to pimp up a party room. If you want to make it easy and impressive, I think this idea is for you: some balloons, appropriated pictures for the event, a helium bottle…and it’s done!

If you want to do it yourself, just follow those instructions. Have fun!

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Mind Resin in Your Marble and Granite Flooring

Supa Tiles

Natural stones are made conspicuously by manufacturers. However, when you order natural stones you simply can’t guarantee that the product will reach your home in one piece and in the best possible way. Stone sealers are the first choice when it comes to protection of stones. After the use of stone sealers you can use resins. If you want to treat damaged granite and marble, the use of resin is advised.

ImageThe resin curing industry is more than a decade old. The use of resin comes with numerous issues like small cracks, imperfections and holes. Resins penetrate into cracks and holes to bring back not only the immaculate shape of the stone but also enhance the appearance of it.

It is resin that has helped make stone countertops easily available in the market. The use of resin is one of the main reasons that has triggered the use…

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How to Make Grout Cleaning Easier?

Supa Tiles

Grout cleaning may not seem to be a very important task but only a few know it’s vital role in keeping tiles and natural stones at place. Grout cleaning may become extremely difficult when the volume of dirt, fungi and bacteria collected becomes very high. Here are some proven facts that help to make the task of grout cleaning easier than ever before:



  • Grout Sealing: Grout being a porous material has a tendency of being stained from dirt and liquids that it absorbs. The best way to prevent stains and discoloration of products would be to seal the grout. Today, the market is inundated with different types of sealants available at reasonable prices. Spending a little extra amount on your grout will help increase the life of your product. Grout sealers and stone sealers are very commonly used.
  • Make Use of House-Hold Items: There are…

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