Sugar Land Real Estate Rates Infographic

Mortgage rates have increased! Now that we have said that again, let’s take a look at the numbers and see what exactly that means for Sugar Land real estate prices:


Big number huh? We thought so too. It seems as those with a 4.5% mortgage rate you could be looking around an additional $400 per month. The interesting part about this is that most people, ourselves included, would think that this would ultimately scare away any potential buyer. We believed that with a high mortgage rate, sellers would be the ones trying to beg for their home to be sold. We have never been so wrong.

Even with mortgage rates rising, it is still a sellers market out there. The inventory for Houston Real Estate is slowly increasing, but the amount of buyers looking to purchase either a new or pre-existing home is greatly larger than the number of sellers willing to move. Whether upgrading or down-sizing, one thing still remains the same, buyers are still ok with this current mortgage rate.

After months of watching the mortgage rates climb to unprecedented heights, it seems to have steadied off at this current pace. In the Sugar Land area, we are still experiencing an influx of buyers looking for their dream home, but limited inventory to show them. As with any economic supply and demand, the supply is low and the demand is high. This has created a largely dominated sellers market with multiple offers and bidding wars occurring almost instantly.

The moral of our story is two fold; either buy now before you get priced out of the competition for your perfect home, or sell your home and watch the offers come in.

At KW Southwest, we love helping our agents achieve their highest goals they have set out. With dedicated staff, admin and marketing associates, we are here to set you up for the most success possible. Contact us today and we can help make your real estate dream come true!

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Sugar Land, TX 77478, US
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