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For generations mothers had often chided the children for playing on the sofa or scattering crumbs of cookies on the cushions. Pet owners had often been mean to the felines wanting to curl into a comfortable position on the sofa or to the canines leaving paw marks on the rug. Callous guests could have possibly knocked over a cup and stained the upholstery or much to the dismay of mothers, children when too weary of washing their hands, have simply wiped their dirty hands on the drapes. Considering all of the spite that outdoor fabric are often subjected, our readers might nod their heads to the fact that washing outdoor fabric is a dreary task and children, pets had often suffered reprimands just so as to save oneself from the dreariness of washing them.

Cleaning the cushion covers, table mats, or upholstery in general can be tedious but can…

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