Why Some Homes Sell Fast While Others Wither On The Market

Ask any real estate agent in the Sugar Land, Texas area and they will all say the same thing. The number one goal when taking on a listing is to Get The Listing Sold Fast! Working with the right Sugar Land real estate agent can make or break the transaction. This is where Keller Williams Southwest comes in. Here are a few items that can help with the process.

7 Day A Week Access

The seller should willingly be able to allow access to the home, condo, or apartment for any potential purchasers if they are realistically looking to sell fast. The more that the seller is unable to allow this to occur, the more likely the property will stay on the market even longer, potentially leading to less sales and even less value. Although Sugar Land’s current market calls for fast sales and high turnaround, it would be wise to still stick with the tried and true method of traditional selling.


People make their first impressions based solely on the look and feel of the Sugar Land home for sale. The better it looks, the better you look. Wax the floors, paint the walls, get rid of the old debris in any room and show the property. Whether looking to lease or sell, it doesn’t matter, presentation is key to the success of the transaction. The more presentable the home is, the more likely it is to sell fast.


Now has never been a better time to sell as the market is recovering, inventory is low and the prices are rising daily. We have heard this enough times to understand that yes, now is a great time to sell. The only issue is whether or not the buyer has available funds to purchase. This is where financing comes in. A good mortgage on the property can make or break any Sugar Land real estate sale. Make sure that the buyer is serious when looking to purchase your property and allow them ample time to get the finances in order. This is tedious, we know, but a necessity when making the sale.


The price is always right. Even Bob Barker and Drew Carey could tell you that selling Sugar Land real estate is all dependent on the price. Now in this current sellers market, negotiating may not be necessary and the listing price may actually end up being too low. That’s not a bad issue to have after all. The old marketing saying goes “put the price just below where the consumer won’t pay for it”. This will increase your profits and bring a happy seller, buyer and lender.

Sugar Land is in the mix of a good problem for sellers. Prices have gone up and inventory is low. If those economics classes ever taught you anything it is that when Demand is high and Supply is low, people will be willing to pay whatever they need to. Think of it this way, Jackie Robinson signed Baseball card. Those are worth a great deal of money as they are far and wide to find and unobtainable anymore with his unfortunate death back in 1972. These are now collectors items.

The housing market has become just that. A huge collectors item as long as buyers increase and listings are scarce. Now is the ideal time to sell! Find one of our talented agents at Keller Williams Southwest and you won’t be upset with the service, quality and overall success of your transaction.


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