Keller Williams Southwest Realty Relies On Fast Communication!

As real estate agents, we don’t just sell residential real estate. We ultimately sell our time. Our actual job is to spend our time to work diligently with all of our clients. During our communication with our clients, we demonstrate why we are better suited to list their Sugar Real Estate in comparison to our competitors.

Communication between real estate agents looking to rent or sell commercial properties to the millennial generation is crucial on this current and upcoming rise in the market.

When millennials are looking to find a new Sugar Land home, keep these ideas in mind:

1. Speed

Speed is crucial when dealing with the millennial generation. It is stated that on average, you must return an internet lead within 2 minutes to even have a shot at gaining that client. During any business day, you must call the lead within 10-15 minutes of the time they speak to you and if you have additional information on the market trends, properties or potential office spaces they may want to look at, then you need to tell them immediately. Millennials value time and how fast they can communicate. Whether it is through email, phone calls, text messaging or any other way, remember to speak to them as fast as possible.

2. Information

Knowing the newest properties to hit the market is not your best arsenal anymore. Since the invention of the internet and access to the listings at the palm of the clients hands, this should not be your major selling tool. Display the fact that you are a seasoned veteran, know how to negotiate, work tirelessly for the client and have a wealth of knowledge about all things real estate related to gain their trust. Sugar Land real estate agents are easy to find, you need to stand out from the crowd. Display all the information you can and you will be the only agent that they want working with them.

3. Mediums

Texting, calling, emailing, video chatting and face to face conversations top the list of mediums of communication. Nothing truly beats face to face, but let’s face it, meeting on a daily basis where time is money is not always a possibility. Most millennials have unlimited texting and unlimited minutes on their cell phone. Staying in contact with them even through a text message is sometimes enough to keep them satisfied and up-to-date on all of the things going on around them. Purchasing a new Texas home or renting a home is a big money transaction and the more that you can stay in touch with them to make this a smooth transaction, the better. Millennials are constantly in communication with one another and you should be too. Work hard to find the best way(s) to stay in touch with your buyers and sellers and you’ll find more business with millennials than you could have imagined. Sugar Land real estate is back on the map and these buyers/ sellers are storming the market daily.

What I am trying to say is, you must learn how Millennials communicate. You must understand that the internet was there for them before you were and they will take every opportunity to use it. Provide your negotiation skills in a professional manner and you will be displayed as a strong agent from here forward.

Technology never takes steps backwords, it only continually grows – much like the generations that have abruptly become our business base.

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1650 Highway 6, #350
Sugar Land, TX 77478, US
Phone: 281-265-0000
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Team Leader(s): Andi St. Jean

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