Top Producing Agents Vs. Normal Agents – Keller Williams Southwest Realty

Do you happen to know what it is that differentiates the average Houston real estate agents from the high dollar, top producing mega agents in this modern real estate industry?  In all honesty, the answer to that question is quite simple. Trust and Knowledge. Top producing agents have the experience to convey exactly what you need to know about the market, the overall industry, your housing opportunities and what to expect. By displaying this information, you can easily trust these individuals or teams as they are the backbone of your goal. Great Keller Williams real estate agents or teams already anticipate any and all concerns that a buyer or seller may wonder and is completely prepped to state ease any worry by taking the time to easily and efficiently answer all questions that you may have.

Are you ready to put your real estate agent to the test? Let’s see if you already know these answers based off of their experience.

Four Major Sugar Land Real Estate Questions Being Asked Today

Here are four main real estate oriented questions all buyers and sellers are currently asking:

  1. As the real estate market recovers nicely, should I try to sell on my own?
  2. Where do you expect the home prices to be headed?
  3. Is this a new ‘housing bubble’ that is forming?
  4. How does a rise in interest rates impact me as a buyer?

Do you know the answers to these questions? If you are unaware of any of these answers, then it may be time to ask the real estate agent you are working with. If you then still do not have substantial answers, then that may be clear enough to know that the agent you are working with does not have your ultimate trust in selling your home. A top producing agent is very noticeable if you take a look at these few questions. Obviously, your questions may change from time to time, but these will stay dominant in an industry laced with bidding wars and low inventory.

Keller Williams Southwest is a top rated Sugar Land Real Estate company looking to expand our Market Center with talented and qualified agents looking to take their real estate career to the next level. With top rated training and technology, KW Southwest has well over 100 agents looking to help the citizens of Sugar Land and Houston, TX find their dream home and sell their current property. With the branding of Keller Williams Realty on your website, email, business cards and marketing, you will have the edge when it comes to getting the sales completed!

Come stop by our office today to take a tour of the facilities and discover the Keller Williams Southwest difference!

Houston SW
1650 Highway 6, #350
Sugar Land, TX 77478, US
Phone: 281-265-0000
Fax: 281-265-0123
Team Leader(s): Andi St. Jean

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