Carrot, Egg, or Coffee?

My Venti-ng Area

A young agent walks into his managers office, saying “This is it. I hate this business, to much competition, not enough listings, I hate this industry. It is too hard for me, I am giving up.” This agent was tired of fight and struggling with the everyday problems, it seemed as whenever one was solved, another had risen.

The manager had the agent over to his house, as the agent walked into the kitchen there were 3 items laid out on the counter: some carrots, an egg, and some coffee beans. The manager asked the agent what he saw. “Carrots, eggs, and coffee,” he replied. The sales manager then took the 3 items and placed them in 3 different boiling pots of water. They went to the other room and talked about life for the next 20 minutes. After which the manager brought them back to the kitchen wherein he…

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