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Texas Real Estate Prices Higher Than 2007

Texas Real Estate Prices Higher Than 2007

The Texas Real Estate Prices Are Actually Higher Than They Were In 2007

Keller Williams is more than just a real estate company. It is a family. We can attest to the moral support and atmosphere that provides such a loving and caring place to call work/ home. If you are looking to find your new home, contact us at Keller Williams Southwest Realty. We would love to help your dreams come true!

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The life and times of Patricia Scruggs

New Restaurant!

The Fein Print

There is a new restaurant opening in Houston, TX called Dogwood Houston. In the process of introducing the new restaurant to Facebook users, I’ve been able to deduce a lot of great information about Texas native, Patricia Scruggs.


scruggs 1

Key takeaways 

Patricia doesn’t mind associating herself with unemployed people

Patricia is concerned that no one will read her friend’s resume until it’s too late

Dogwood Houston isn’t going to give Patricia’s friend any special treatment

Patricia lives in Lake Jackson, TX but bought an extra house 55 miles away in Houston, TX, and it’s vacant

Patricia thinks it’s necessary to have two houses an hour apart from each other

Patricia assumes the owners of Dogwood Houston don’t live in Houston

Patricia thinks there’s a possibility that the owners of Dogwood Houston didn’t think to arrange a place to stay before construction started

Patricia doesn’t care to meet with restaurant owners before offering…

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17 Ways to Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal

15 Ways To Up Your Curb Appeal!

Orson Klender, Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker

The word on the street? Homes with appealing front views can sell faster, lift moods and convey a warm welcome!

Even if you are not planning to sell your home anytime soon, a fresh and welcoming exterior is a wonderful thing to come home to each day. From front doors, house numbers and porch furnishings to color schemes, landscaping and basic repairs, this smorgasbord of ideas will hopefully inspire a few changes around your own home.

modern exterior by Ana Williamson Architect


Ana Williamson Architect

1. Add big, bold house numbers.

 It’s so easy to swap out house numbers, and this one thing can make a huge impact. Echo your house style in the numbers you choose

— a clean sans serif font for a modern house, hand-painted tiles for a cottage, aged copper for a Prairie-style home etc.

2. Paint the front door.A front door that pops can be hugely cheering. Read up…

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Keller Williams Realty Wins Powerball Lottery

Keller Williams Team Shows How Much KW Culture Affects Everyone

A Plantation, Florida realtor assistant, who recently began a new job with Keller Williams Realty, has already started to love the Keller Williams culture after the team added her in on their $1 million lottery winnings this week.

Jennifer Maldonado recently spoke with The Miami Herald stating she just began working at Keller Williams Partner Realty in Plantation, Fla., when all of her 12 office employees put their money together for Powerball tickets. The $20 buy-in seemed a bit on the steep end, so Maldonado declined the initial offer to join them, she told the Herald.

“I hadn’t gotten a paycheck, and I was watching my pennies,” Maldonado said.

Now go ahead and flash back to the scene where her office mates received the news that they had won $1 million. The Plantation Keller Williams team had the five matching numbers: 17, 29, 31, 52 and 53. All they didn’t have was the crucial red Powerball number, which would have allowed them a nice big share of the previous Saturday’s $338 million Powerball jackpot.

Maldonado then walked in on the party — and thought it was a well thought out practical joke.

Laurie Finkelstein Reader, a Keller Williams Realtor and head of the team in that particular office, was the Powerball organizer and assured Maldonado she was not the butt end of a joke. Amy Kilcoyne, also a Realtor, was put in charge to check the numbers and noticed one of their tickets matched the winning combination.

“I thought we won like $100 or $1,000,” Kilcoyne told the Herald. When they realized the truth, “people started freaking out,” she said. Split 12 ways, the cool million comes to more than $83,300 per person.

“I’m blessed,” Finkelstein Reader told the Herald. “My share of money won’t change my life. But so far this has touched many lives — it’s about sharing the happiness.”

Even though Jennifer Maldonado did not add in the $20 upfront, the team at Keller Williams did what anyone in the KW Culture would do and decided to share a portion of their winnings — they will not state how much — with her.

“As a team we put together a fat pile of money,” Finkelstein Reader said. “If we do the right thing and always care about other people, the right thing will happen to us.”

Keller Williams is more than just a real estate company. It is a family. We can attest to the moral support and atmosphere that provides such a loving and caring place to call work/ home. If you want to find your new home, come join us at Keller Williams Southwest Realty. We would love to have you here!

Houston SW
1650 Highway 6, #350
Sugar Land, TX 77478, US
Phone: 281-265-0000
Fax: 281-265-0123
Team Leader(s): Andi St. Jean

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6702 Baxley Ct. Sugar Land, TX 77479

Looking for your dream home with wide open spaces? Need that backyard big enough for you and all of your family? 6702 Baxley Ct. is exactly what you need. Take one look at this 5 bedroom, 4 bath home and you will see that it has all of the amenities and fixtures you have been searching for.

KW Southwest 1362339466892__kwipfn31_31_ 1362339459899__kwipfn30_30_ 1362339459829__kwipfn29_29_ 1362339459551__kwipfn23_23_ 1362339459246__kwipfn22_22_ 1362339457368__kwipfn21_21_ 1362339449952__kwipfn20_20_ 1362339449836__kwipfn19_19_ 1362339449597__kwipfn18_18_ 1362339449543__kwipfn17_17_ 1362339449529__kwipfn16_16_ 1362339449467__kwipfn14_14_ 1362339449425__kwipfn13_13_ 1362339449420__kwipfn12_12_ 1362339447578__kwipfn11_11_ 1362339441869__kwipfn10_10_ 1362339441822__kwipfn09_9_ 1362339437671__kwipfn08_8_ 1362339437637__kwipfn07_7_ 1362339437623__kwipfn06_6_ 1362339437623__kwipfn02_2_ 1362339437622__kwipfn05_5_ 1362339437621__kwipfn04_4_ 1362339437621__kwipfn03_3_ 1362339437621__kwipfn01_0_

Keller Williams Southwest Realty in Sugar Land, Texas is here to help you with all of your real estate needs. From finding your dream home to selling your current one, we have premier realtors trained to make each transaction a breeze. Just sit back and relax as we do the work for you!

Houston SW
1650 Highway 6, #350
Sugar Land, TX 77478, US
Phone: 281-265-0000

Creative Houses

Denise Goding

With spring here, people are starting to mow lawns, weed flowerbeds and decide which color to paint the house.  Well, if you are stuck, here’s a bit of inspiration.


To view the rest of gallery, click here at Unique House Paintings

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Keep up the Good Work


If you are using an Agent to sell your home, they need to feel comfortable about making appointments to bring potential buyers through the property.
If you make it difficult for them they will simply take clients to other properties which are more welcoming.

It gives off negative vibes if a buyer wants to view a property at a certain time and the vendor is unwilling to let them through. The same goes if a vendor will only give a small window of opportunity every few days. This property will always sell other properties because the purchasers have contacted the Agent off the marketing in place for your property, and if the buyers can’t view, and they are usually ready to buy, they will buy another property in the same price range.

If you want to be at home during an inspection, make the agent and the buyer feel very…

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Credit Score Ranges And What They Mean?

KW Southwest Awards Banquet 2012

Wondering what makes KW Southwest stand out from the rest? We think this video just may answer that question!


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First Steps to BOLD – Keller Williams Southwest

Are you taking your first steps towards BOLD? With a class this engaging and intensive, you will always come away with amazing information for your real estate business!


Keller Williams Southwest Realty

1650 Highway 6, #350
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