The One Thing

On the last morning of Keller Williams Family Reunion, Gary Keller promoted his new book and idea “The One Thing” to thousands of KW Agents, Team Leaders, Operating Principals and Regional Directors.

“Family Reunion is like a buffet,” Keller said. “It’s all here. But it’s not all here so you can do it all – it’s here so you can choose.” He then went on to state that he would much rather have an agent go to a handful of training sessions to focus more on what they need in their real estate business, rather than rush around to make it to each one. “The people who rush to everything are just sampling everything on the buffet.”

Putting The ONE Thing To Work

“I was made vice president at the age of 25 because I needed to be the best recruiter,” Keller said. “I didn’t show up to parties. I defied everything about team building. I did ONE Thing and kicked their butts. And then I went home to be with my family.”

Doing one thing though, may conclude with other things being unfortunately done poorly. “I do my ONE Thing and I make sure it gets done,” he said. “But I’m literally not good at other things. Some people just don’t understand that when you major in the minors, you win.”

The session concluded with Gary Keller then speaking about starting a fire with a magnifying glass. “It doesn’t work unless you’re patient and focus on one spot,” he said. “My wish for each of you is that you leave here and set the world on fire – spiritually, personally and professionally – by focusing on your ONE Thing.”

The ONE Thing: Questions To Reflect On

At the end of the book, Gary Keller speaks heavily on asking the reader questions to determine their one thing. Check out these questions and see what yours is. Share with us your One Thing!

Your Personal Life

– What’s the ONE Thing I can do this week to discover or affirm my life’s purpose?
– What’s the ONE Thing I can do in 90 days to get in the physical shape I want?

Your Family

– What’s the ONE Thing we can do this week to improve our marriage?
– What’s the ONE Thing we can do to make our next vacation the best ever?

Your Job

– What’s the ONE Thing I can do today to complete my current project ahead of schedule?
– What’s the ONE Thing I can do every day to finish my work and still get home on time?


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