What’s In A Name? – Top Listing Words For KW Southwest

Are you constantly listing homes and are having writers block as you come up with a fresh new idea to populate page views, impressions and leads? At Keller Williams Southwest, we have the same issue. “Beautiful,” “ocean views,” “mountain views” and “gated community” are listed as some of the most popular keywords used to advertise homes online to home buyers throughout the United States.

Nationwide though, “beautiful” was the most frequent word in listings from 2012, from a survey of over 300,000 listed homes online. Think about it, how often do you put that in your homes description?

“Hardwood floors” took the No. 2 spot and “stainless-steel appliances” came in third.

Ironically enough, East Coast listings were more prone to include the phrases “move right in,” “renovated” and “gleaming hardwood floors.”

In New York City,  “closet space,” “sunny” and “over-sized windows” were descriptive phrases used to sell homes much sooner. With a lack of sunshine in the northern states, it is no wonder why these tropical homes were first to go.

You Listing Description is Affected by Adjectives

Adjectives did enhance listings as well. “Soaking tub” had more of an appeal than “bath tub,” and “private storage” was more sought after than “public storage.”

And as predicted, certain keywords attracted different spectrum. “Beautiful” brought in the average-income home buyers, while “private” appealed to the wealthier few. If you are looking in to the Keller Williams Luxury Homes Division, keywords for the $1 Million or higher homes included “guest house,” “wall of windows” and “wood-burning fireplace.”

SubZero topped the list of preferred brands, followed by Viking, Miele, Bosch and Whirlpool.

Overall, keywords will predict the selling of your home. Keller Williams Southwest trains each real estate agent on how to select the phrases that best fit their property. Without proper training on this, you may be sitting with a home for a long time.


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