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4710 Oakshire Dr – KW Southwest

New Home of The Week – Keller Williams Southwest

Looking for elegance in Houston, Texas? This 2539 square foot home with 3 bedrooms and 3 full baths has everything you could ever want in a home! With 4 stories to this home, the space keeps going and going with wall to wall action! Check out this video and you will see why 5710 Oakshire Drive from Keller Williams Southwest is the place to live.

Keller Williams Southwest Realty

1650 Highway 6, #350
Sugar Land, TX 77478, US

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The One Thing

On the last morning of Keller Williams Family Reunion, Gary Keller promoted his new book and idea “The One Thing” to thousands of KW Agents, Team Leaders, Operating Principals and Regional Directors.

“Family Reunion is like a buffet,” Keller said. “It’s all here. But it’s not all here so you can do it all – it’s here so you can choose.” He then went on to state that he would much rather have an agent go to a handful of training sessions to focus more on what they need in their real estate business, rather than rush around to make it to each one. “The people who rush to everything are just sampling everything on the buffet.”

Putting The ONE Thing To Work

“I was made vice president at the age of 25 because I needed to be the best recruiter,” Keller said. “I didn’t show up to parties. I defied everything about team building. I did ONE Thing and kicked their butts. And then I went home to be with my family.”

Doing one thing though, may conclude with other things being unfortunately done poorly. “I do my ONE Thing and I make sure it gets done,” he said. “But I’m literally not good at other things. Some people just don’t understand that when you major in the minors, you win.”

The session concluded with Gary Keller then speaking about starting a fire with a magnifying glass. “It doesn’t work unless you’re patient and focus on one spot,” he said. “My wish for each of you is that you leave here and set the world on fire – spiritually, personally and professionally – by focusing on your ONE Thing.”

The ONE Thing: Questions To Reflect On

At the end of the book, Gary Keller speaks heavily on asking the reader questions to determine their one thing. Check out these questions and see what yours is. Share with us your One Thing!

Your Personal Life

– What’s the ONE Thing I can do this week to discover or affirm my life’s purpose?
– What’s the ONE Thing I can do in 90 days to get in the physical shape I want?

Your Family

– What’s the ONE Thing we can do this week to improve our marriage?
– What’s the ONE Thing we can do to make our next vacation the best ever?

Your Job

– What’s the ONE Thing I can do today to complete my current project ahead of schedule?
– What’s the ONE Thing I can do every day to finish my work and still get home on time?

Love Is In The Air With KW Southwest

KW Southwest lets you fall in love with your dream home

At KW Southwest, love is always in the air around Valentine’s Day. Now that the day has come and gone, the month of February is still here to fall in love with an amazing Sugar Land home from Keller Williams Southwest Realty. With close to 200 agents working all hours of the day, we know that we can find you your dream home.

As always, we love to make every home buyer or seller feel stress free with our highly trained and professional agents taking care of every hassle that may come your way. Real Estate should be simple and easy, and with KW Southwest it is just that.

Rental Scams are on the Rise

It Takes A Team To Buy A Home

Realtor Kelly Hager, a top real estate agent in this competitive market, stated that the most important advice to potential home buyers; it takes a “team” to buy a home. Keller Williams Southwest is that team.

Even if you are a first time buyer, looking to downsize or are just wanting to move, a team can help make the process a smooth success.

Finding your ideal agent is only a small portion of the battle. That right agent can help you find your dream home. They will do all of the hard labor in the negotiation process, find you multiple homes within your price range and market your home to every potential buyer for an easy transaction.

Did we also happen to mention that all that paperwork becomes their responsibility. Not to mention that the agent will be in charge of keeping track of every deadline as well as fixing all and any problems that may arise.

“Choosing a realtor is really, really important in terms of you want somebody that you can communicate with very effectively. So, high communication. You also want a real estate agent that is full-time. Full-time agents that make this their career really, really important. Part-time agents are doing a lot of other things in their lives. It doesn’t make them bad agents, but there are so many changes that have come down in the last six months to a year that’s it’s really important to understand the contract and be able to negotiate in today’s market,” said Hager.

Although every mistake is not completely fixable by a sole agent, having a team on your side will allowing multiple realtors a chance to work on your own home. Check out Team Works Real Estate and you will immediately see why we are a top producing team of Keller Williams.

Bruce Willis Buys $8 Million Luxury New York Apartment From U2 Bassist

Bruce Willis is at it again!

What’s In A Name? – Top Listing Words For KW Southwest

Are you constantly listing homes and are having writers block as you come up with a fresh new idea to populate page views, impressions and leads? At Keller Williams Southwest, we have the same issue. “Beautiful,” “ocean views,” “mountain views” and “gated community” are listed as some of the most popular keywords used to advertise homes online to home buyers throughout the United States.

Nationwide though, “beautiful” was the most frequent word in listings from 2012, from a survey of over 300,000 listed homes online. Think about it, how often do you put that in your homes description?

“Hardwood floors” took the No. 2 spot and “stainless-steel appliances” came in third.

Ironically enough, East Coast listings were more prone to include the phrases “move right in,” “renovated” and “gleaming hardwood floors.”

In New York City,  “closet space,” “sunny” and “over-sized windows” were descriptive phrases used to sell homes much sooner. With a lack of sunshine in the northern states, it is no wonder why these tropical homes were first to go.

You Listing Description is Affected by Adjectives

Adjectives did enhance listings as well. “Soaking tub” had more of an appeal than “bath tub,” and “private storage” was more sought after than “public storage.”

And as predicted, certain keywords attracted different spectrum. “Beautiful” brought in the average-income home buyers, while “private” appealed to the wealthier few. If you are looking in to the Keller Williams Luxury Homes Division, keywords for the $1 Million or higher homes included “guest house,” “wall of windows” and “wood-burning fireplace.”

SubZero topped the list of preferred brands, followed by Viking, Miele, Bosch and Whirlpool.

Overall, keywords will predict the selling of your home. Keller Williams Southwest trains each real estate agent on how to select the phrases that best fit their property. Without proper training on this, you may be sitting with a home for a long time.

KWSW Realty: Keller Williams Family Reunion 2013

KW Family Reunion 2013What to Expect from Family Reunion

With Keller Williams Family Reunion coming up very quickly, many agents are wondering what to expect from this gathering of some of the best and greatest realtors in the country. From training sessions to a concert by the world renowned Dobbie Brothers, this event is definitely one you will not want to miss out on. Let’s take a look at just a few things to expect from Family Reunion this year in Dallas, TX.

Special Speaker: JR Martinez

From the classic soap opera “All My Children” to a dancing machine on “Dancing with the Star”, JR Martinez has been a hero and an inspiration to the world. You will not want to miss this inspirational speaker on Sunday February 17th from 8:00am – 9:45am. Make this a top priority as the story of his overcoming may be enough to spark your career to the next level.

KW Next Generation Leaders Under 30 Years Old Reception

As the title sounds, this is a reception for only the crowd under 30 years of age. For our up and coming mega agents, this is the place to be for you. Mix and mingle with rain makers in the industry and swap tips and strategies. Take your real estate knowledge up a notch with this event on Sunday February 17th from 5:30pm – 6:30pm. **Registration Required**

Putting the ONE Thing to Work with Gary Keller

Anytime we mention the word Gary Keller, that should be an automatic check mark, highlight or circle that you should attend. As the CEO and Founder of Keller Williams Realty, this man knows what he is doing. He is constantly looking to take Keller Williams to the next level and we can guarantee that being the #2 Real Estate Company in the United States is not enough for him. Set all reminders for this speaker on Wednesday February 20th from 7:00am – 8:00am.

These three events are only a few of many that you may want to take a part of at Family Reunion. For more information on the agenda, please visit to see all that this wonderful get together entails! We look forward to seeing each and every one of you there!

Interior Decorating Tips That Can Save You A Lot Of Money

How Business Gets Done

Real Estate is truly a career where you get paid for what you know and who you know. The longer an agent has been in the business, the more experience they are going to have to negotiate on your behalf, price your home correctly or find you the home in the neighborhood and price range you want. The more people they know, the more they are involved in the community through service clubs and volunteer work, the more likely they are to know someone who wants to buy your house. Or they may know of someone who is thinking of selling in the neighborhood you want, but just haven’t listed it yet.

I know…you might be saying “See! I knew it! It’s all about who you know!” Sometimes it’s just true. That’s not a bad thing. It’s just how business gets done.

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